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Modular outrigger beams

 Do all the jobs - modular beams reach up to 8 feet, and work on overhangs
 Simplify Your Field Work - light eight foot lengths are easy to carry and pin together at site
 Increase Your Safety - our tubular beam is more resistant to lateral deflection and twist than comparable I sections
 They're Great Value - modular outrigger beams cost about the same as making your own out of aluminum I beams

Provide up to a 4 ft. reach. The 16ft. system has an 8 ft. front beam, standard splice and 8 ft. rear beam with a slot for cast weights. Shown below is a 24 ft. longhorn system with flame cut weights. The beam is made up of a front beam, mid beam, longhorn rear beam, two standard splices, and a 42 in. longhorn bar.

Lets you reach those areas below an overhang or cornice. The fully adjustable components allow you to reach up to 5 ft. down and 4 ft. under and overhang. The Down and Under assemble consists of two beams and two galvanized steel corner braces. These components pin to the mid beam of the modular system for roof support.

The cable truss system provides up to an 8 ft. reach at 1,000 lbs. capacity. As with the straight beams, the cable truss upright and the wire ropes pin to the beams. For the set up shown, a front beam, cable truss. Two mid sections, a rear section and two splices have been used. The optional sliding beam collar allows the suspension point to be adjusted after the beam has been put in position.

The Standard Internal Splice joins the sections together quickly and easily with connector pins - no splice plates - no nuts and bolts - no wrenches. Each front, back and mid beam section weighs only 32 lbs. Easy to carry - and easy to handle in corridors and elevators. The system is fully engineered and tested.

The suspension cables are hooked to a Drop Forged Link. This has two advantages - the link moves out of the way for easy handling when transporting or storing the beams, and it is very strong. The link has a working strength of 4,200 lbs. and an ultimate strength of 25, 200 lbs.

Adjust the position of the suspension point without moving the beam. When working on confined roof tops the optional sliding collar gives you the flexibility of moving the suspension point.

Suspension Trolley
This trolley can be used to roll a suspended load along a horizontal beam. Adding a tag line allows a suspended platform to be moved closer to the wall after passing an obstruction.

Both Longhorn weights and Cast weights can be used with this system, For longhorn weights there is a 30 in. and 42 in. longhorn available. If you use cast weights there is a machined slot that will accept 7 weights and there is a beam saddle available that will take an additional 12 cast weights. If your weight system doesn't fall into these two categories, we will build a weight holder system for you.

Protect the building when the parapet can't support the loads applied by the beam. The beam stand is 42 in. high and can accept both a primary and secondary beam. Made of galvanized steel it adjusts to the angle of the beam.

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