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Tractel's Electric Hoists - TirakTractel's Electric Hoists - Tirak
U.L. Classified / CSA Approved Traction Hoists
As a user of suspended scaffolding equipment, you want a powered hoist you can depend on; one that's easy to handle, has the capacity you need, and is inexpensive to maintain. Tirak X-Series and T-Series traction hoists have all the features you need and more. These hoists use a unique traction system with a wire rope that passes completely through the machine, rather than it being stored in the machine itself. For this reason, this same hoist can be used for any job from 30 to 1,200 feet and even higher. In fact, Tirak hoists are designed for use on all types of suspended scaffolding equipment, including swing stages, work cages, and bosun's chairs. You can choose from electric motors (110, 220, or dual voltage) or air powered motors. Lifting capacities range from 700 to 1,500 pounds.

For emergency situations, a Blocstop BSO 500 secondary brake is mounted on Tirak hoists as standard equipment. The BSO 500 is mounted externally for easy service and inspection. A centrifugal, mechanical brake allows for controlled descent even if power is lost. This means there is no dependence on electrical components for emergency lowering. The Blocstop BS/BSO 500 is a combination brake for a dual wire rope system that provides protection in case of a primary rope failure.

The following is a summary of the selection of Tirak electric hoists available and their technical specifications:

Tirak X-Series
Type XE301P XE301P XE500P XE501P XE501PA XE700P XE701P
Rated load (lbs) 700 700 1000 1000 1000 1500 1500
Lifting Speed (fpm) 33 33 35 35 35 10-25 35
Weight (lbs)* 77 77 93


109 93 126
Type KW 0.55 0.55 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5
Voltage 110 220 220 110/220 220 220 220
Phase Single Single Three Single Single Three Single
Wire rope dia. 5/16 inches (8.3 mm)
Breaking Strength 10,000 pounds (44.6 kN)
* Includes BSO secondary brake
Tirak T-Series
Type TE1000P TE1001P TE1020P TE1021P
Rated load (lbs) 1500 1500 2000 2000
Lifting Speed (fpm) 35 17 35 17
Weight (lbs)*


194 174 194
Type KW 2.2 1.1 2.2 1.1
Voltage 200 100/200 220 100/200
Amperage 9.4 18/9 9.4 18/9
Phase Three Single Three Single
Wire rope diameter 3/8 inches (9 mm)
Breaking Strength 15,000 pounds (66.8 kN)

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